Welcome to Duratel

Duratel was established in 2007. Prior to that, the company spent years in research and development designing our products. Duratel noticed the deteriorating status of the current utility infrastructure: rotting wood poles, corroding steel poles, leaning poles, inadequate response to relief and recovery efforts. Leveraging our business and product development experience, Duratel decided that advances in fiber-reinforced polymers and pultrusion technologies provided a perfect opportunity to create a smarter, stronger, greener utility pole.

Following the research and development period, Duratel created its first of three pole profiles for use in utility distribution, transmission and lighting. The patented shape and design allows for maximum strength with nominal deflection.

Duratel is committed to transforming the utility pole industry by facilitating a safer and more reliable infrastructure. Duratel is recognized as the most innovative company in the composite utility industry. Duratel offers superior products and services without sacrificing safety or quality.

Duratel employs several manufacturing facilities for the production of its composite poles and crossarm products. Our quality control and evaluation process assures manufacturing operations are not only streamlined but continuously improved.
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